Indonesian Cloud using our cloud computing environment trying to answer the needs of tremendous growth in the SaaS market during the past several years. Software as a Service (SaaS) by Indonesian Cloud can simplify the way you use on-premise hosted applications to web applications or event mobile application. Indonesian Cloud offerings are high availability and reliability SaaS services, monitored 24/7 in secure data centers, thanks to our world-class infrastructure.

Indonesian Cloud also will ensure your SaaS adoption run seamlessly on your organizational and guide you through the operational change to manage applications effectively.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Indonesian Cloud partner with Codemi to provide web-based Learning Management System (LMS) Platform for online learning.

File Sharing & Collaborations (InSync)

InSync is a file-sharing product that helps people to collaborate with documents together. You are able to share your business files with your clients, colleagues, and others.

Helpdesk Ticketing Solution

Helpdesk IT ticketing system to record all request and problem and also include knowledge base, escalation procedure, and ticket prioritize feature.

Email Services

Email service that allows you to access Mailbox, Contacts, Schedules, Tasks, Files, from any devices.

Mail Cleaner Services

Say bye to spams and viruses. Definitively.

Loan Origination System (Galaxa)

Indonesian Cloud provides the Loan Origination System for background loaner checking.

Social Media Intelligent & Analysist

Social and digital media monitoring and analytics platform that focuses on local content, delivering enriched and understandable metrics.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot System

Artificial Intelligent system that can be integrated into your business application system to help business process through ChatBOT. Now You can easily to use ChatBOT on WhatsApp for Business.

QR Code Attendance System (opisQ)

Complete and powerful Human Resources departement digital solution.

4D Virtual Tour & Camera

SilVRcraft is a highly immersive VR/AR platform which enables users to digitally “clone” and interact with any physical space and the objects within.