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Saatnya beralih dari CAPEX ke OPEX. Cloud Computing, do more with less!

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Indonesian Cloud Solutions

We provide you a world class cloud based business services solution for operational excellence.

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Indonesian Cloud Hosting

Flexible, simple and secure cloud hosting that suits for your business needs.

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Indonesian Cloud Services

Start your journey to the cloud and our expert will guide you through the transformation of cloud journey.

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Enterprise companies from various industries trusting our cloud solutions to manage their business

HR Management

Maximize your employee performance with IndonesianCloud HR management solutions. HR Management simplify your company human resources process and bring more value for employee with excellent insight.

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Office Automation

Integration of office functions is important to deliver and manage information in your company. IndonesianCloud is ready to provide you with reliable office automation for your operational needs.

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Customer Relationship Management

A complete package of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution from IndonesianCloud. CRM help you to address every single customer touch point and gain new customer & opportunity to improve your business.

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Sales Management

IndonesianCloud sales management solutions to accelerate leads and business opportunity.

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Financial Resource Management

IndonesianCloud provides comprehensive financial management solutions to generate valuable financial reports.

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Supply Chain Management

A collaborative applications that accelerate manufacturing and production to improve your business.

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A collaborative applications that accelerate manufacturing and production to improve your business.

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Financial Service

IndonesianCloud empower financial institutions with the latest cloud technology to improve your business.

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IndonesianCloud provide enterprise government IT solutions and services for public sector.

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Integrated solutions for transportation and logistic to accelerate productivity.

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Set your own hosting on Indonesian Cloud’s secure and reliable cloud platform. Simply based on your demand, easy to use, and expandability. Move to cloud now, succeed now!

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Indonesian Cloud expert will guide you through the cloud transformation journey and will asses your current IT to be migrated in to Indonesian Cloud platform.

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