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Jelajahi inovasi tanpa batas bersama Indonesian Cloud Computing, di mana kemajuan di ujung jari Anda menjadi kenyataan melalui
layanan Cloud dan solusi digital terdepan kami!

Document Management System

Simplify Your Document

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Document Management System

Ship And Vehicle Tracker

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Fleet Management Anomaly

Keren.AI Artificial intelligence (AI)

Unlock The Potential Of AI With Keren.AI

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About Indonesian Cloud Computing

Cost Efficiency
Cost Efficiency
Indonesian Cloud will give you the right prices for  each products and cloud cumputing solution.
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Business Digitalize
Indonesian Cloud wants to help you to transform your current business more into the digital era with the help of cloud computing.
Indonesian Cloud

Indonesian Cloud Computing Products

Best Solution For Market Nowadays

Top line of Indonesian Cloud Computing Products that will help you to grow your business more productive and more Responsive.

Social Media Analytic Tools

Tools that help you to monitoring your brand trought social media and online media, and also dont forget your competitors

Private Cloud

The best option for your dedicated hardware and server to easliy maintain your business and provide the best security.

End Point Protection

Secure your Hardware and your software with our End Point Protection to be able to work without worrying about cyber attack

Cloud Backup

Do some mitigation plan to alwyas backup your data or server, if anything happen, so you dont have to worry about losing some important data

Indonesian Cloud Computing Projects

Awesome Cloud Computing Projects That We’ve Done

Indonesian Cloud Computing not only provide products and services in the form of monthly fees, we can also assist you in running or carrying out projects that your company wants to do, Indonesian Cloud will provide services and also the best prices for customers because we wants to always prioritize trust in each other.

Data Migration
We can help you to migrate your data from your old storage.
Cloud Migration
Want to cost efficiency by move to another cloud Service? Call us.
Security Assessment
We’re able to do security assessment for your company to check your security.
Monitoring Dashboard
Track your campaign progress and see its result in our monitoring tools.

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