March 15, 2018 9:51 am

IDCloudTalks #1 : NgabuburIT with Indonesian Cloud

As we know, WannaCry Ransomware has become a hot conversation recently and will be the main topic for IDCloudTalks #1 event today.

Indonesian Cloud’s cybersecurity team took the initiative to hold an event that thoroughly explored the Ransomware incident in the inaugural event of IDCloudTalks #1.

An event that will be routinely present periodically with various discussions about the IT industries.

For now, hope that this event can further increase user security awareness of cyber threats such as the WannaCry Ransomware in the future.

The Head of Cyber Security Division at Indonesian Cloud, Herwono Wijaya himself delivered the material in the IDCloudTalks #1 event,

which was held at Conclave Co. Working Space Wijaya. Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

IDCloudTalks #1

IDCloudTalks #1: What is Ransomware?

In his explain, Ransomware is an attack that limits access to data on victims of attacks with financial motives in the form of ransom that victims must pay.

Victims must pay so they can get their data back from those who have been infected by this Ransomware malware.

Furthermore, we must cautious considering that Ransomware attacks can have a serious impact on human life in the digital era like today.

Ransomware is indiscriminate in determining the victims of their attacks. Even more specifically, this Ransomware cybercrime is deliberately targeting facilities that can affect people’s lives.

Mitigation of attacks from Ransomware is a must, as stated by Garibaldi, Senior Cloud Presales from Indonesian Cloud.

Prevention of attacks and minimizing the effects are the homework of each individual.

Back up files regularly, not only when there is an attack but for overall prevention of your important data protection. Backup service solutions from Indonesian Cloud can be an option.

In closing from the evening’s IDCloudTalks #1 event series, the participants held a networking session while breaking the fast together.

Hopefully, this event can be useful for all participants, and see you at the next IDCloudTalks event.