Indonesian Cloud Solusi

Hadiah kami untuk semua pelanggan dan stakeholder di awal tahun 2018 ini.

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Indonesian Cloud Solusi

Saatnya beralih dari CAPEX ke OPEX. Cloud Computing, do more with less!

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Indonesian Cloud Solusi

Layanan cloud berkelas dunia sebagai solusi bisnis anda untuk keunggulan operasional.

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Indonesian Cloud Solusi

Mulailah perjalanan cloud anda dan para ahli kami akan memandu anda bertransformasi ke cloud.

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Klien Kami

Perusahaan dari berbagai industri mempercayakan bisnisnya pada solusi cloud kami.

  • Surveyor Indonesia
  • Sucofindo SCISI
  • Triputra Group

Aplikasi Kustom

Businesses nowadays are utilizing web, mobile or desktop applications, there’s no doubt about it.  iOS or Android? Web apps or Mobile Apps? Or maybe you prefer prefer a cross-platform hybrid app, you name it.

Lets start build your apps now!

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Cloud Services

IndonesianCloud offers you a full suite of world class cloud services, which are engineered to global standards, and deploy locally to meet domestic Indonesian needs. From private, dedicated, and hybrid clouds to fully virtualized datacenters, IndonesianCloud services are part of a complete portfolio of IT solutions. Move to cloud now, let us handle your IT and you can focus on growing your business.

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Perbankan Digital

Banking  Anywhere, Virtual Reality (VR) for Banking, You name it. We will provide your future banking experience! Who can wade through the tough regulatory climate and meet customers where they want to be met in the new digital environment to meet the demands of investors, regulators and customers.

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Cyber Security Services

IndonesianCloud offer you security services, giving you the confidence you need in understanding your attack surface, focus on what matters, and create better security outcomes. The service provides better security supports for your organization, gives you higher productivity and saves you time and money.

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System Integrator Services

When hardware and software integrated to the network system, it will transform your enterprise system into one streamlined and optimally-functional entity. At IndonesianCloud, we believe that complete continuous evolution will simplify the complexity to get rid off inefficiency and increased productivity.

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IndonesianCloud provide enterprise government IT solutions and services for public sector.

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