Loan Origination System (GALAXA)

Technology has become the 1st driver of business transformation & the top risk to the industry. When Financial & Banking has the same strategy in the few periods, still on cost reduction program, with the most common approach is reducing operational risk by automation, and increase the operation volume by creating innovative and accommodating products and yet operation in the most efficient way.

Indonesian Cloud provides system and workflow solution on LOS – Loan Origination System for Financial & Banking industry, which support competitiveness in the business. Solution build specifically to support the credit application process or any other commercial development in each company. A solution to convert the feasibility of prospective debtors funding from Financial & Banking institution.

Supporting on minimizing business risk, develop business agility & increase more profitability. Equipped with 4 (four) feature of dynamic workflow on Business Process Management, Decision Support System engine, Business Intelligent, and low code setting parameter in Content Management System.

One solution, for 3 major objectives, with 4 important feature, and comprehensive benefit for all stakeholder in the industry ecosystem.

Create Efficient & Streamlined Processes for Loan Origination

Improve Operational Efficiency by reducing Turn-Around-Time (TAT)

Control Risk by provided Fraud Detection & Risk Mitigation

Maintain Good Quality Booking, Compliance & Regulator and improve Integration with third party systems

Improves productivity and also Cost Saving

Achieve a long-term competitive advantage, Scalability, Automation and Flexibility Issues

Loan Origination System Fact

17+ Banks & Multi Finance

13,000+ Registered Users

1,000+ Concurrent Users

2,000+ Branch Connected

200+ Loan Processing Center

5,000+ Application Processed/Day

7,000+ Application Processed/Dat (peak)

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