Indonesian Cloud provides Public Cloud Server Services that are equipped with security devices to keep the Client Server secure. It’s the core business of Indonesian Cloud, with more than 7 year experience. Your extreme performance  server will be  highly available  and fail tolerant with no lock in.

Create Efficient & Streamlined Processes for Loan Origination

Improve Operational Efficiency by reducing Turn-Around-Time (TAT)

Control Risk by provided Fraud Detection & Risk Mitigation

Maintain Good Quality Booking, Compliance & Regulator and improve Integration with third party systems

Improves productivity and also Cost Saving

Achieve a long-term competitive advantage, Scalability, Automation and Flexibility Issues

Galaxa Fact

17+ Banks & Multi Finance

13,000+ Registered Users

1,000+ Concurrent Users

2,000+ Branch Connected

200+ Loan Processing Center

5,000+ Application Processed/Day

7,000+ Application Processed/Dat (peak)

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