Elastic Cloud Server

Deploy fast and scalable servers for your company

Auto Scalling

Automatically scale your resource to adapt to changing demands

Dedicated Server

Fully dedicated, secure, high performance servers

Private Cloud

Physically isolated compute resource pools for your workloads


Cloud Container Engine

Manage your Kubernetes service


Object Storage Service

Best scalable object storage for your company

Block Storage

Persistent block storage

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup for in-cloud and on-premise resource

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Data Protection for cloud servers



Open source database resource to handle massive volumes of concurrent request

RDS for SQL Server

RDS for SQL Server is reliable, scalable, inexpensive, and easy to manage.

RDS for PostgreSQL

Open source database that ensure data reliability and integrity

Office Collaboration

Learning Management System

Learning platform to scale up your human resource level

Document Management System

Manage your documents just in one secure and reliable platform

Zimbra Mail

Give you the best mailing experience day to day basic

Microsoft 365

All for one, one for all, the most comprehensive package you will ever had


One Stop Solution for creating your dream website

Finance Platform

Loan Origination System

Digitalize your credit scoring system to the next level

CBAS Automation

Check your customer credit scoring without wasting your time

Point of Sales Platform

Track, manage, your company asset in one click away

Asset Management

Track, manage, your company asset in one click away

Analytic Platform

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Track, analyze, and see what they say about your company trough social media

Social Media Monitoring Report

Track, analyze, and see what they say about your company trough online media

Online Media Monitoring Tools

Get the report for your brand trought the online media platform

Online Media Monitoring Report

Get the report for your brand trought your social media platform


Hardware Security Module

Secure your data by using our best Encryption process

Web Application Firewall

Set your security higher by using our firewall to maximize your data safety

End Point Protection

Protect your Hardware and software using our latest Anti Virus Product

Vulnerability Assesment & Penetration Testing

Are you sure your security system are good enough? let us try to break in

Security Operation Center

Monitoring all of your data in our dashboard to get the notification ahead

Customer Service Platform

AI Powered Chatbot

Build Smart Converational Bot for Business at Scale.

Omni Channel

Build Customer Interactions in any channels.


Track and monitor any ticket from multiple channel inquiries

Live Chat

Create Live Conversation experience to the next level


Attract and retain Customer for ever lasting relationship

Whatsapp for Business

Bring your business into another level by adding new channeling