March 15, 2018 10:57 am

InSync, Indonesian Cloud Enterprise File Sync and Share Solution (EFSS)

InSync – Secure EFSS Solution

Indonesian Cloud currently introduces EFSS services to organizations and enterprise-class called InSync. Being support by its own Cloud Computing infrastructure, this service launch especially for domestic users because the data center for storing this data is in Indonesian jurisdiction.

InSync provides easy data access through workstations (PC/Laptop) or mobile (Smartphone) by providing agent-based installation facilities so as to facilitate user interaction. Even InSync has plugins for Microsoft Outlook that make it easier for users so they don’t need to do email attachments, they can be upload directly and then shared.

Universal access using the browser in general. Authentications that can be used include single and dual authentication. This dual authentication will use Google Authentication (Android), SMS (text) and email. InSync can also use Active Directory as the source authentication if the organization has implemented it. With the optimization function from the side of the file, based on file type (file extension), users will be able to select files that can be synchronize.

The current InSync coverage is wide enough to provide facilities for setting access rights for collaboration. Data can be shared in general and private. Anyone can get general access while private access requires registering in advance and system will record the activity. Users can also set an expiration date and get notifications via email if there are uploading or downloading documents.

At the organization level that have adopt multitenancy, they can apply several policies. Some things can be adjusted such as logo/icon settings, company banners, data rent, and file versioning, access via WebDAV. This will help each organization to diversify their unique needs from other users.

InSync Added Value

Another plus is Privacy Mode. Except those who have the data, other users (even the administrator)cannot access the data when this feature is activate. This has become the common thread of the InSync solution with other EFSS solutions. So this service can be a bridge between IT policies and user needs.

The process of transferring data from the user to InSync already uses a secure protocol, namely SSL. Encryption occurs on endpoint communication channels (such as Workstations (PC/Laptop) and Smartphones towards InSync services.

Apart from synchronizing files, the user gets backup feature continuously (real time). The fundamental difference between file synchronization and backup is that other parties (internal and external) cannot have share access to the backup file.

Maybe the EFSS looks quite simple, but your employees still need the ability to collaborate inside and outside a company. Without having to eliminate access to the scope of each person work on all of their work devices. While also providing a system security IT in the file sharing solution. Indonesian Cloud offers a secure file sharing solution such as InSync because this service has a very critical role in a company organization, and more importantly for a large-scale enterprise.