June 8, 2018 8:36 am

IDCloudTalks #8 : The Next Digital Trend

IDCloudTalks #8: The Next Digital Trend was just released.

The IDCloudTalks #8 event was opened by a speech from Indonesian Cloud Solution Director Mr. David Arianto.

He explained how Indonesian Cloud services experienced a lot of development starting in 2017.
IDCloudTalks #8

At first we only focused on cloud infrastructure, currently Indonesian Cloud have a solution that is integrate with our cloud computing services.

For Artificial Intelligence (Chatbot Solution) Technology we collaborate with Kata.ai, while for Social Media Intelligence we partnered with Sonar Platform.

With this collaboration we hope to bring richer Cloud services to our customers.

In IDCloudTalks #8 event, speakers from kata.ai represented by Mr. Dipo Adrian Pratama meanwhile from Sonar Platform represented by Mr. Amien Krisna


IDCloudTalks #8

Kata.ai is a Conversational AI company originating from Indonesia with focusing on improving the way humans collaborate with machines.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology from Kata.ai supports Intelligent Chatbots for large companies in Indonesia such as Unilever and Telkomsel.

IDCloudTalks #8

Founded in 2015, the company has become a trusted partner for large companies such as Microsoft, Accenture also Line.

IDCloudTalks #8

Sonar Platform

While Sonar is a social and digital media analysis platform that helps companies and organizations understand their digital audience comprehensively and directly so that they, in turn, can serve their customers better.

With the understanding that perception is the basis of all decision making, therefore Sonar Platform focuses on automate sentiment analysis and perception to become a market leader in social & digital insights.

Indonesian Cloud assesses both partners (Kata.AI and also Sonar Platform) is a strategic technology in the future.

Thank you for Kata.AI – YesBoss and Sonar Platform who have participated in IDCloudTalks events

Also for all Clouders who have taken the time to attend this event.

See you at the next IDCloudTalks event with the more interesting topic.

Hopefully, all participants can get new perspectives on the application of AI technology and also Big Data Analytics into their respective businesses.

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