May 7, 2018 8:24 am

Binus University X Indonesian Cloud

Binus University Visit : Find out the work processes of Indonesian Cloud as #1 Best Cloud Service Provider

On this day, Students from Binus University visit Indonesian Cloud. This visit was include in their lecture syllabus to find out what the process of Cloud Service Providers is like.

Binus University Visit

Indonesian Cloud is very concerned about the development of the IT industry, and we believe that education is the key to improving the quality of the IT industry in Indonesia.

This is the first visit from Binus University, previously Indonesian Cloud has also received visits from several IT campuses in Indonesia.

Indonesian Cloud opens opportunities for all educational institutions who want to visit like friends from Binus University.

During this visit we will share knowledge about Cloud Computing specifically and also knowledge about the IT industry in Indonesia.

Mr. Yudhi Haryadhi as Indonesian Cloud’s Head of Operation open the first session, which provides an overview of what the Indonesian Cloud business is like.

Binus University Visit

At Office Tour Session, participants visit the NOC room, so the Binusian can see “Dapur” Indonesian Cloud and given an explanation by Mr. Yovi, as NOC Leader.

Binus University Visit

Then Mrs. Devia, Head of Indonesian Cloud Engineer, host the session with more in-depth discussion about the business core of Indonesian Cloud.

The third session was delivered by Mr. Zam Zami, Indonesian Cloud security expert with a theme on Cyber Security, one of the Indonesian Cloud business lines.

Binus University Visit

The last session was closed by Mr. Angger, from the Human Capital division of the Indonesian Cloud. The material presented is about self-development and also information about internships in Indonesia Cloud.

Binus University Visit

Thank you for the participation of Binus University students and students majoring in Information Systems. Hopefully all today’s sessions can provide insight into the IT industry in general, and Cloud Computing specifically. See you at other Indonesian Cloud events.