Established in 2011, IndonesianCloud is an independent cloud service provider (CSP), specializing in the delivery of managed IT services based around the principle of “on-demand, dynamic, and pay-per-use. IndonesianCloud strives to be Indonesia’s most trusted, most reliable, and most secure local cloud service provider.

We achieve this by implementing the best, independently certified technology, engaging with only the very best suppliers, hiring the best people, and deploying our cloud platform in the highest security datacenters in Indonesia.

IndonesianCloud services are part of a complete portfolio of IT solutions including infrastructure, business solutions, and consulting.

Our Mission

“To be the leading and most sophisticated enterprise cloud services provider in Indonesia”

Our Goal

“To assist companies deploy the latest IT technology so as to enhance and support their core business strategy”

Our Strength

“As a company with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and responsible business practices, IndonesianCloud is guided by its mission, which is to be Indonesia’s most trusted, most reliable, and most secure LOCAL cloud provider.”

We operate under a publicly published company code of conduct, we publicly publish our service level and penalties, and we operate under a “full disclosure” policy.

Certified VMware vCloud Air Network

IndonesianCloud is a VMware vCloud powered service provider, and in effect, what this means is that we run VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus for our virtualization layer, coupled with VMware vCloud Director for our customer portal, and VMware vShield for our customer network segmentation and multi-tenancy security.

The VMware vCloud suite is the most comprehensive public (and private) cloud technology stack available, and has proven its abilities and performance globally.

Being vCloud Air Network™ is a technology validation by VMware that our platform is designed in accordance with their published reference architectures and best practices, and that in effect, provides a level of service standardization across any vCloud Air Network ™ service provider globally.

This standardization has a major benefit, which is the complete removal of any provider technology lock-in. Your deployed environments are 100% transportable not only between providers, but also between internal IT and external providers. Portability means a dramatic reduction in commercial risk because at any time you could choose to replace us as your provider should we fail to deliver on service commitments

Our (Hi-)Tech Investment

IndonesianCloud understands, and respects, the level of trust placed upon us by you to deliver an exceptional service, and we achieve this by leveraging only the very best infrastructure and ITIL aligned operating processes.

We realize that this trust can only be earned, and we operate a “full disclosure” model with regards to our infrastructure architecture and operating process (confidential security components excluded). Our infrastructure is comprised of the best technology from the leading vendors in the market today; being VMware, Cisco, NetApp, and Check Point.
Our investment is extensive; and by leveraging public cloud, you are able to gain the benefit of using “carrier” class equipment to deliver your service. Traditionally, internal IT capital restrictions may have meant being forced to compromise on using commodity grade equipment.
As an example, the IndonesianCloud border firewalls are specialist Check Point appliances, with a commercial investment requirement of $150,000 USD; you are able to leverage the capability of these appliances as part of our standard.

 Our Highly Secure Platform

IndonesianCloud are committed to security, as this is the leading cause for customer concern with Public Cloud. Our cloud platform has been architected in strict compliance with the VMware published architecture for “secure multi-tenancy”; what this means is that customers are effectively isolated from each other by a combination of logical and physical isolation.

In addition, in order to ensure protection of your   environment from IndonesianCloud (your provider), we employ strict operation controls and ITIL process to ensure compliance to our change control management.

We leverage VMware Configuration Manager to constantly analyze the configuration of our platform; should an unauthorized configuration change occur, Indonesian Cloud management are immediately notified and the change reverted to its previous setting.

As a final security measure, all actions performed by operations staff are logged in an audit system, and that system is configured in a manner that means the log files are unable to be erased or changed; at any time you can request a copy of the log of activity related to your virtual environment and we will release without delay

Our Promise

We are so confident in our platform, that we offer services with no on-going contractual commitment… if you are unhappy with our service, you are not forced to stay. We do however offer discounts for customers willing to contract to a minimum fixed term, and as such, we offer a promise around service levels and availability to ensure that at all times, the customer experience is “second to none”.

For any new customer that requests service; the provisioned resources (and contract) can be terminated at any time and for any reason for up to 30 days from contract commencement. We offer this as a “guarantee” that the platform will operate as expected.

For the platform itself, we offer availability on the infrastructure and facilities of 99.9% during business hours (7am-7pm, Monday – Friday) and 99.5% availability over the course of a month. Should we breach these SLAs for whatever reason, we will credit back one day of hosting value (calculated at the yearly value of your hosting contract divided by 365) for every hour we are unable to offer you service.

Should we be unable to offer you service for more than 24 hours, we will release you from any contractual obligations without penalty should you wish to take your custom elsewhere. For the network communications, we are limited to offering availability of 99.5% due to the nature of the public internet and its external dependencies; any outage to service caused by internet communications and outside the direct control of IndonesianCloud is excluded from our service rebate plan

Our Portfolio

IndonesianCloud services span all of the eight business functional areas. From simple hosting of servers, to providing “end to end” solutions for business management, IndonesianCloud has a product or service to suit your evolving business.

Business Solutions

IndonesianCloud business solutions represent “best of breed” applications provided in combination with IndonesianCloud hosting, and delivered as a managed service. Unlike Software as a Service, the business solutions from IndonesianCloud are deployed as a dedicated private instance per customer, in a term known as Private-SaaS.

Application licensing, support, and upgrades are all managed by IndonesianCloud; subscribed customers simply “use” the system rather than maintaining. The applications are subscribed based on an outcome, meaning that billing for the service only commences once the application has been deployed and accepted by the client. This provides a very low risk method for adoption of new technology, and further, most applications are provided with no initial setup fee.

All solutions provided by IndonesianCloud are supported directly by the IndonesianCloud local support team. As part of our partnership with the application vendors, they are required to provide back to back ongoing support and maintenance to IndonesianCloud for our subscribed customers. More info about Business Solutions

Hosting Solutions

As a provider of Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, IndonesianCloud offers solutions ranging for hosting of single servers, to deployments of complex virtualized datacenters, through to disaster recovery, storage, and also template deployments of applications, available under an online marketplace.

All hosting solutions are available “on-demand” with no compulsory contracts; do not require ANY up-front investment; and can be scaled up or down based on demand. Services are provided under a strict SLA that includes uptime, performance, and support; any breaches of the SLA generate an immediate service credit, no questions asked.

IndonesianCloud operate under a “no surprises” billing model, so there are no “in arrears” ad-hoc charges. Any pricing is “all inclusive” meaning that customers have budget certainty that the service from IndonesianCloud will cost exactly as advertised, and there is no need to take into consideration highly variable cost metrics like data transfer, disk performance, or upload/download requests. More info about Hosting Solutions


IndonesianCloud realize that many customers need help and guidance in how best to evaluate the benefits of Cloud computing, and determine which model of cloud best suits each individual business need. Our Cloud consultants provide detailed analysis of existing infrastructure, applications, and IT organizations, and provide recommendations on which are suitable candidates for migration to cloud. The recommendations are impartial, and may include retaining existing systems with no changes.

In addition, for companies that have already adopted virtualisation/cloud technologies, we offer our managed services, which is where the IndonesianCloud NOC, Operations, and engineering team take over day to day functional management of the company on-premises deployment.

IndonesianCloud also recognize that many customers would prefer the financial flexibility of Public Cloud, but want the security of Private Cloud; and for this reason, IndonesianCloud offer a fully managed private cloud solution. Under this offering, IndonesianCloud deploy a private, dedicated, cloud instance in the customer datacenter, with the ownership of all hardware, operational responsibility, and maintenance remaining with IndonesianCloud. The customer is simply billed each month based on their usage of the private deployment. More info about Services

Leadership Team

Noerman Taufik Chief Executive Officer

Noerman has 34 years experience in Information Technology, Business Automation and Digital Business including nine years with IBM Indonesia. He has experience in the area of commercial/private business, banking, telecommunication, modern retailing, government and public sectors, big data, social media analysis, start-up, security printing, smartcard and payment systems.

He was an independent consultant, advisor and entrepreneur. He has designed, developed and managed deployment of small-scale system solutions up to large-scale business critical information technology systems